Custom Bows: Traditional Recurves and Longbows

custom bows being shot by paul clelandHandcrafted custom bows, both recurves and longbows by bowyer, Paul Cleland. Made in our workshop in Firestone, Colorado. Building on the legacy of Hornes Archery Stickbow line.


I have been an avid traditional archer for over 30 years. I grew up spending time in the woods with my father hunting various big game animals in the Rocky Mountains and on the Eastern Plains and have been blessed to harvest numerous game animals with traditional archery equipment over the years.

For seventeen years, I have been an expert woodworker and finish carpenter and always had a desire to build custom bows. In 2016, I reached out to long-time acquaintance and bowyer, Mark Horne, owner of Hornes Archery. When Mark learned of my interest in bowmaking, we discussed the possibility of acquiring the Hornes Archery Stickbow line of recurve and longbow designs.

In December 2016, my wife, Rachel and I officially became owners of the Stickbow line design. I spent several months of intense training with Mark in his workshop to learn the ins and outs of building a quality traditional custom bow.

paul and rachel cleland - owners of cleland stickbows

We have moved the workshop up to Firestone, CO and are proudly carrying on traditional bowmaking as Cleland Stickbows. We welcome the opportunity to create a custom recurve or longbow designed to your specifications with choices of beautiful, quality woods from simple and functional to exotic and ornate.

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