Place a Custom Bow Order

Would you like to place a custom bow order? Our bows are made one at time to customer specifications with your choice of woods, accents, and finishing touches. Start the order process below, and I will be in touch to finalize all the details of your custom bow. Once you approve the details, I require a $200 deposit to get started on your bow. Below are bow diagrams for my custom bow designs to help you with some ideas on what you can customize on your bow:

Customizable Bow Options:

Start Your Custom Bow Order:

Please let me know how you prefer to be contacted. I get in touch with every customer before I begin working on a bow to ensure we get the details just right.
Please let me know what draw weight you'd like at your draw length (if no draw length is specified, draw weight will be at 28 inches.
Please let me know your draw length.
You don't have to know all the details to place your order. We can discuss all the options when I reach out to you. However, if you have special details, such as wood combinations or color schemes you'd like to include now, please feel free to do so.